ON-GOING TAI CHI EXERCISE This ancient Chinese form of exercise combines slow, flowing movements with deep breathing.  The dance like exercises strengthen the energy while breathing calms the mind.  Sequences work on nearly every muscle and joint, improving body control, co-ordination and balance.  This is an ideal exercise for people of ALL ages and fitness … Read moreONGOING – TAI CHI EXERCISE

‘BREAST of FRIENDS’ Support Group Meetings

Meeting of BoF 2020 at UKCA Club commencing 10.30.  Details RING Marilyn McMillan 99-956769 or Sue Curry for details Contact New Administrator Sue Curry 99-9174188   ‘BREAST OF FRIENDS’ – a Support Group for Breast Cancer Patients     The meeting on the above date will be held at 10.30am in the private room donated … Read more‘BREAST of FRIENDS’ Support Group Meetings