Answers to CW E7A

Hi there Crossword lovers   Answers to the Coronavirus Crisis Activity Crossword E7A – Jan Handley     ANSWERS to CW 7 A:                              ACROSS:              1  Witch      4  Won      6  Eel      8  Global Warning      9  Tibia      11  Ripe      13  Nancy      14  Bogus      15  Dogma      16  Mesh      18  Celeb      21  Neighbourhood      23  Ham      24  Sad      25  Eagre   … Read moreAnswers to CW E7A


January 2020 – News/Info:       BEWARE BURGLUARIES A CPSG Member’s Home was very recently ‘broken into” and the Police on the scene advised security updates. The Locksmith contacted treated the call as an Emergency and came fairly quickly to make safe the property and returned later to complete the suggested Security Upgrades, very efficiently. Listed below … Read moreJan/20 – BEWARE BURGLUARIES