Current Targets

  • MAIN ongoing AIM of the Support Group is FUNDRAISING – through Donations and Events.  (see also Events page and Funds raised) – to assist the upkeep of the PASYKAF Home Care Oncology Nursing Service within the Community of the Paphos Area

In addition to this are

  • Demand Targets  ie items of equipment and/or drugs/dressing requested by the Nurses for a patient/s ie Oxygenator/Oxygenmeters –
  • Targets change according to ‘new’ patient/s and their specific type of cancer/needs.

There is also the

  • Continuing Aim of Replacing Equipment – usually frequently used equipment – through wear and tear/disposability  ie Lightweight Wheelchairs;  Commodes;  Toilet seats;  BP Machines etc

Some Specialist items of equipment are very expensive indeed and may require a Specific

  • Target Fundraiser  ie A Bus with hydraulic wheelchair access

Other expensive items come on board periodically for purchasing consideration ie

  • Palliative Care Need Equipment – highly sophisticated Pain Relief Control Machines, or other technology for palliative care

Equipment also has to be durable and moveable as it is not in a permanent situ.