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Rachel       99-528585

Andri         99-471230


Contact Address and Telephone Numbers

Cancer Patients Support Group, Paphos,
P.O. Box 62027,
8060 Pafos, Cyprus.

Day Centre
84 Ellados Avenue, 8020 Paphos.
Tel : 26 952478 (PASYKAF)

                    CANCER SUPPORT HELPLINE : 97-760989        

e-mail : paphos.cpsg@gmail.com
website : www.cancerpatientssupport.net
facebook : CPSG on Facebook


CPSG COMMITTEE – September 2020/2021

President:            Mrs Jan Handley 26-654997

Chairman         Mr Alan Clark     99–967861

Vice Chairman  Mr Tony Ambrose        99-908777

T/Treasurers     Mrs Lynn Addy  99-929452 & Jackie Rushworth 99-468013

T/Secretary      Jan Handley 26-654007    Email:  jattom@cytanet.com.cy

Mrs Jan Handley            26-654007 – Website and Craft Group Admin

Mrs Eileen Warren               26-621960/96-421355

Mrs Margaret Wilcockson – 99-462810

Mr Gerry Biscombe               97-608391

Mrs Donna James                 99-176675 donnajames55@googlemail.com

Karen Roe                               99-370103


June 2019Charity No. Paphos/S/69

PLEASE NOTE: Treasurer and Secretary – are temporary positions and together with FACEBOOK we are looking for  replacements as past incumbent thinks a fresh approach/input needed –

If interest in any position above  please contact or Chairman Alan Clark (email as below)

Events/Newsletter Editorial Team:  Mr Alan Clark, Editor   Tel: as above cpsgeventscommittee@gmail.com Margaret Wilcockson; Tony Ambrose

*  Mr Chris Savva*            96-812615 Co-opted as Lawyer Adviser to Committee

Purpose of The Group

The Cancer Patients Support Group, Paphos was formed in June 1995 to provide financial assistance through fundraising and individual donations for the benefit of the Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF), to sustain the free Home Care and Support Services provided by its nurses, to purchase and maintain equipment for PASYKAF Patients and to provide some financial assistance towards the free bus service for cancer patients from their Centre in Paphos to The Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre in Nicosia.

The Paphos Trained Volunteer Section was formed in 2006. Working under the instruction of the PASYKAF Paphos Nurses, Volunteers are required to participate in a four week training course before being able to visit the nurses patients.

The Cancer Support and Information HELPLINE was introduced in 2008 and included the first telephone listening and befriending service.


Timeline Celebrations:

April 2016    The Association of Cancer Patients and Friends (PASYKAF) and the Cancer Patients Support Group, Paphos (CPSG) have much to CELEBRATE this year.  Not only is it the 30th Anniversary of the island-wide PASYKAF but the CPSG,P celebrate 21 years as fundraising financial support for PASYKAF on the western side of the island.

In addition to information below, PASYKAF was started in Nicosia in 1986 by Dr Anna Achileoudi, a cancer patients herself.  Initially, mostly it was for psychological support for its citizens but as its volunteer service spread to other towns across the island it became apparent that another kind of service was required and in 1995, PASYKAF in Paphos introduced the first Homecare Nursing Service on the island, headed by Dr Pedja Komatina, Oncologist; Dominique Kanari, Clinical Psychologist; and British Macmillen Nursing Sister Violet Moran assisted by Homecare Nurses Rachel Grainger-Christou and Nelli Samouilova –  PASYKAF free Homecare Nursing; Psychological Support; Welfare Advice; Volunteer Service; Early Detection and Prevention Education and a Bus Service to Nicosia soon developed and is now in all the major cities throughout the island of Cyprus.

The CPSG, P is the only active Fundraising Group dedicated to providing financial support for PASYKAF on the island.  Funds donated are towards the upgrading of Paphos Homecare Services and it is with many thanks to the generous donations of individuals; their families; businesses; clubs; the entertainment industry; schools; religious groups and the support of the local press, that year on year its Committee are able to continue its financial support for the Paphos Nurses and the hundreds of patients they visit over the years.


April 2016 - Dr Predrag Komatina - CPSG Founder

April 2016 – Dr Predrag Komatina – CPSG Founder

Staff and friends of PASYKAF and CPSG gathered at the Almyra Hotel in Paphos to remember the life and work of Dr Predrag Komatina, the founder of PASKYKAF and CPSG in Paphos.

Present were Dr Anna Achilleoudi, President of PASYKAF who along with friends and volunteers in Nicosia formed the first PASYKAF 30 yrs ago. She recalled the many difficulties that had to be overcome in the years when cancer patients and their families needs both medical and psychological were enormous and mostly unmet.

Especially remembered was Dr Komatina who along with retired British Nursing Sister Violet Moran and Clinical Psycholoist Domanique Kanari form the first PASYKAF Homecare Nursing team on Cyprus. Evengelina Komatina also joined the team and played an invaluable part in the hugh task of liasing with PASYKAF in Nicosia in her capacity as Administrator. A few years later Nurses Rachel Grainger Christou and Nellie Samouilova joined the team and remain with us today.

The PASYKAF team soon realised that although they were trying to fundraise themselves amongst the increasingly expanding English speaking community, what they really needed was a separate fundraising group and it was at this time the The Cancer Patients Support Group was formed headed by Chairman Diane Bramfitt. Ten years later this was followed by Committees led by Jan and Tom Handley, then Maxine O’Daly and in this year Colin Lewington. So 21 years later the CPSG is still proud to call itself the fundraising arm of PASYKAF in Paphos raising money through events and the generous donations of supporters of the CPSG.


In 1997 enough money was raised to purchase the first mini-bus to take patients from Paphos to Nicosia, calling at Limassol Larger Buses followed and Panicos Chrysanthou (see News item)received a round of applause for his invaluable contribution to the running of this free bus service for patients.

All those present agreed that our first thoughts were always with our patients for our lives are nothing if we are not able to continue our commitment in their service.



We would like to pay tribute to Maxine O’Daly who has announced her retirement from the CPSG, she will still be around of course, now helping with the Breast of Friends Support Group.  Maxine has been a staunch supporter of the CPSG for 8 year sand has been the backbone of organising many of the events that the CPSG have arranged over those years.  Everyone recognises Maxine from those often flamboyant outfits she wears.  She also stepped into the job of Chairman for a year which we thank her for

She will be sadly missed, she was the most enthusiastic and lively person on the Events Committee; she never seemed to stop or tire; she was always the first there handing out our leaflets and getting emails from people.  Thank you Maxine for all your hard wok, I know you will be sadly missed by all the members and the Committee and the people you helped.  We wish you and husband Ed well and hope you can now have some much needed time together – Alan Clark


A Tribute to Maureen Barton, who has retired from the CPSG Committee.  Maureen and her husband Donald have had a very long standing association with the Support Group, joining not long after its inception in 1995.  They involved themselves fully in many aspects or workings of the CPSG – from helping to set up for Coffee Mornings – inclusion and supporting many of its events and activities.  Maureen was also a member of the Committee and a Training Volunteer (assisting the Paphos PASYKAF Nurses).

Donald, as an ex-Jockey, who organized excursions for a Day at the races at Nicosia Race Course – enjoyed numerous times by CPSG members and of the Paphos Community.  Those Race Days raised money for the CPSG – buying much needed equipment for cancer patients – ie Oxygen Concentrators.

Maureen and Donald have recently celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary and we send our sincere greetings and wishes for the future and our thanks on behalf of the Committee, for their contribution over the years to the wellbeing of the CPSG Members and Paphos Cancer Patients – Jan Handley