‘BREAST of FRIENDS’ Support Group Meetings



The next meeting of BoF RESUMES AFTER CORONAVIRUS CRISIS 2020 at UKCA Club commencing 10.30.  FOR NEXT MEETING/Details RING Marilyn McMillan 99-956769 or Sue Curry for details

Contact New Administrator Sue Curry 99-9174188



‘BREAST OF FRIENDS’ – a Support Group for Breast Cancer Patients



The meeting on the above date will be held at 10.30am in the private room donated to the Group at the UKCA

Meetings are Confidential and are for Breast Cancer Patients Only.

We would request a donation of €2 per personEntrance Fee.  A private room has been reserved and Coffee and Tea will be served in a relaxed confidential atmosphere where guests can converse easily about their experiences and gain friendship and help from each other.


For more information about ‘Breast of Friends’  call: Sue Curry, BoF  Administrator 99-174188, Maxine O’Daly 26-272701 or

‘The Breast of Friends’ Counsellor is Pamela Mills 99-975593