April 2017 – CYTA who donated a telephone for the Helpline Trained Volunteers Support Workers


Raised Funds – MONIES SPENT

New Year January 2017

Nurses Rachel, Andri and Harris with the brand new Ford Fiesta that was donated by the CPSG from a supporter.

Donated Car

Thank you for donating!

WITH your donations we gave PASYKAF HOMECARE NURSES in 2015 –  €5,000 – to purchase equipment.   These items included –

  • Lightweight Wheelchairs
  • Commodes
  • Oxygenator
  • A Gel Mattress

Thank you for donating!

Nurse Rachel and Chairman Maxine O’Daly

Thank you for all your generous donations, fundraising and support


June 2016 – DONATION TO PASYKAF – €20,000

December 2016 – DONATION TO PASYKAF – €20,000 – and process of purchasing a new car for the Paphos PASYKAF Nurses

Thank you for donating!

CPSG Treasurer Lynn Addy handing the €20,000 cheque to Senior Paphos PASYKAF Nurse, S/N Rachel Christou, remaining people present are CPSG Committee members and Paphos PASYKAF Nurse Andri

Mar 2016  The Support Group is headed this year by Chairman Colin Lewington during a visit from Nicolas Phillipou, General Director of PASYKAF was presented with a cheque for €25,000 by CPSG Treasurer, Mrs Lynn Addy, to assist the Association.

Separate funds received during 2015 have been spent towards updating  – nursing support services; the bus service; much needed new equipment requested by the nurses and general repair and maintenance of this equipment.

PASYKAF and CPSG, P say a Big THANK YOU to the generous donations received from within the community.


In October 2015 – Donations In Memory of our late President – Tom Handley – purchased an Analgesic Machine/Pump plus cartridges, to enable a cancer patient at home to receive pain relief whenever necessary

The total cost of purchase of these pieces of technology is (€2,500) and a Badge/Plaque worded ‘In Loving Memory of Tom Handley, President of CPSG, donated by Family and Friends’ (mostly) has been attached to the machine.  This will be used for Paphos Cancer Patients only as directed by the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre in Nicosia.

Pictured Mrs Jan Handley (Tom’s widow) with Analgesic Pump, Paphos PASYKAF Nurse Rachel and Tom’s Son Richard Handley 


2 May 2016                CPSG Stall at Paphos Harbour

The Stall raised €747.08 on the day – to the volunteers who helped to load/unload the van;  Knit and Cook; Shake Buckets and help on the day – A BIG THANK YOU for all your efforts.

We are very grateful to the following individuals and organisations for monies they have raised and donated to the CPSG

                      A BIG THANK YOU to everyone concerned

From CPSG Treasurer’s Accounts – Lynn Addy  

AUGUST 2017                                              DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

The Thomlinson 80th Birthday Party donated €200

Mr & Mrs Frank Brookes – Birthday celebrations donated €450

Albourne Partners donated €55

Peter Thompson, Hole in the Wall Pub, Coral Bay raised from their Breast Cancer Afternoon a magnificent €2,300

Doreen Jones – Tai Chi Group donated €250

Peggy’s Garden Cafe, Peyia – Sax in the Dark event – donated €330

Queen Vic Pub Bingo Raffle raised €110;  Auction raised €312 and Bingo Nite €310 – totals €732

Alan & Jean Macks Quiz Nite, Emba donated £150

Perasma Aphrodite Bingo Club donated €50

Martin Dunn who organised Julys Quiz Nite at Mother Restaurant raised €219 – we give our best wishes to Martin & Barbara for all their efforts for Paphos Cancer Patients on their imminent location to France the new Quiz Master for Quiz Nite at Mothers Restaurant will be Ron Sewell.
Donations: Juliana Tomlinson (Birthday Gift);  Mrs Flaherty;  Christine Babbington – totalled €230

Membership: €40

Coin Boxes:  Ruth Hadjioannou €108.50;  Oulas Bar, Chlorakas €46.52;  Yiannos Iounhou Pharmacy €124.55;  Lynn Davis;  Lynda Atkinson – totalled €

BOC – donated €0.07


JULY 2017                                                        DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

Paphos Zingers donated  a wonderful €2,000

Anita Hopkins (In Any Event) Ascot Race day at Elea Golf Club donated €1,100

Sarah Coyne (Space Art for Charity) donated – The Place €983; Lengo Taverna €805.40; Photographic Exhibition €55 – totals €1,843.40

H Bar, Meso Chorio donated €465

Albourne Partners donated €110

Mike Holtom, Mikes Cafe Anarita – Quiz, raffle, Easter Stall donated €779

Cyprus Villas donated €27.33

Kallepia Fete – Stalls, Entrance, Raffle donated €589.50

Monisteriou Restaurant, Kallepia donated €307.50

Martin & Barbara Dunn – Smartie collection – donated €50

Martin Dunn – May & June Quiz Nites – donated €351

Kilmantaria Taverna – Quiz night donated €53

Queen Vic Pub – Bingo Raffle – donated €95

Coin Boxes:  Mesogi Arms78.26; Sea You Bar €25.43;  Angela, Coral Star short mat bowling 46.98;  Royal Artemis Hospital 256 – totalled €406.67

Coin Boxes:  (Members) Beryl Dean;  David & Margo Aldridge;  – totalled




In Memory of:  Chris Simmonds €135


JUNE 2017                                                     DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

Albourne Partners donated €55

Shadeports Plus Ltd – Sponsorship for Sept Event €300

AMF Agapinor Masons Fund donated €1000

Victoria Constantinou – Aqua Fun Day donated €164

Bank of Cyprus – Close client Accounts donated €4.90

Paphos District Darts League donated €100

Academy of Fine Arts donated €50

Peggys Deli – Coffee Shop donated €71.50

Sarah Coyne – Space Art for Charity donated€1,645 + €614.20 totals €2,359

Queen Vic Pub Bingo Nite and Raffle donated €390 + 140 totals €530

In Memory of:  John Craven €200

Coin Boxes:  Railway Inn; Ruth HadjiIoannou;  Lynda & Bryan Atkinson donated €50, €300, €14.32 totals €364.32


MAY 2017                                                  DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

Lisa Smith – Birthday donated €60

Christos Cafe – Breakfast Raffle raised €87.50

Mary – Protocal Health & Beauty – Raffle raised €520

Mad Hatters Tea Party, Mesa Chorio raised €500

Anita (In Any Event) Kamares Spring Fayre donated €322

Platinum Gym, Mesogi – Aerobathon raised €520

UKCA Social Club, Members donated €1,000

FC Exchange – Sponsorship for Sept Event – €1,000

UKCA Shindig – Barn Dance raised €483

UKCA Open Day raffle raised €386.60

Riley’s Fish & Chips Restaurant – Hand Bag Party Raffle raised €75

Village Inn – Raffle raised €55

Shelley, Mesogi Arms – Big Breakfast raised €115

Quiz Nite – Klimataria, Mandria (Yiannes’s) April raised €60, May raised €70 – total €130

Quiz Nite – Mothers Restaurant –organised by Liz Unwin raised €155

Bingo – Queen Vic Pub raised €350

Coin Boxes:  Oula’s Bar €95.71;  Railway Inn €60 – total €155.71

Membership:  €40

Donations:  Barry Leese;  Mr & Mrs Lawrenson; Len & Maureen;  Mr Stephen (use of equipment) totalled €465

APRIL 2017                                                DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

Albourne & Partners Monthly donation €55

Sunset Breeze Anniversary Evening – 1/2 raffle raised €250

Anarita Ladies Circle – Easter Bonnet coffee morning raised €509.70

Vineyard Taverna, Letymbou – Beetle Drive raised €235

CPSG Easter Stall, at Harbour raised €756

Ian Herley – Charity Walk raised €125

Frog & Toad Pub, Coral Bay – Karaoke Night raised €722.95

Michael Antoniou – Begonia Coffee Morning raised €145

Queen Vic Bingo Night – Raffle raised €123.47 & 120 totalled €243.47

CPSG Quiz Nites – Martin Dunn Quizmaster raised €110 & €147 totalled €257

Donations:  Doreen & Dave Jones;  Various;  Yvonne Kleanthous;  John Thiorley (Roidney Gray);  Paonros family;  Kevin Ison;  Mrs Linda Huszak; totalled €620

Coin Boxes:  Railway Inn;  Kyrgely Supermarket, Coral Bay;  Graqo De Cafe, Peyia totalled €329.85

In Memory of:  Christopher Simmons;  Robin Hunt donated €1,165

MARCH 2017                                              DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

MOPED (Men of Paphos Eating & Drinking) donated €1,000

The Anglican Church – Charitable Giving Committee donated €700

PALMS donation €200 and donation from Rowena Moore €40 totals €240

Mandy Maskill (Etjho Hairdressers donated €50

Queen Vic Family Pub – Raffle raised €80

DT –  Race Night raised €754.50

Teodoros DeCastillo & Anoki Von Ark – Mothers Day Special donated €465

Kalimetria Taverna, Mandria – Quiz Night raised €100

Klimataria Taverna, Mandria Quiz Nights raised €65 & €100 totals €165

CPSG Quiz Nite – Martin Dunn, Quiz Master donated €210.50 and €165.50 totals €376

Coin Boxes:  Sunflower Cafe Bistro €67.54;  Railway Inn €202.33;  Mike Holtom’s Coffee Shop, Anarita €54.21 totals €324.08

In Memory of: Olive Bell addition – UK Cheque;  M Emmett (Paphos Golfers Association);  John Morris (Mrs Lewis-Jones;  Tore Winther (Alzina Winter totalled €2,248.07

Donation:  Judith Edwards;  Sheila Jowett;  Joan & Frank Cadman (in lieu of Xmas cards);  Mrs Espin;  Ann Holborn;  Jackie Rushworth totalled €135

Membership: €20

FEBRUARY 2017                                          DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

Albourne & Partners donated €55 and €55 totalling €110

Mandy Maskell – EDW Hairdressers (Golden Girls) donated €600

The Clothing Lounge who organised a Fashion Show donated €650

Jan Robinson – Boo-tea-licious event raised €60.50

Coin Boxes:

  Aphrodite Cafe -Coin Box – €29.09

  Royal Artemis Hospital –Coin Box – €123.55

  Olivers Deli, Stephanie, Tala – Coin Box – €61.79

  H Bar, Mesogi – Coin Box – €60

Shelley, Mesogi Arms – The Big Breakfast raised €125

Queen Vic Pub,  – Bingo Night raffle and cake sale raised  €41 and €210 – totalling €251

Pamela Lovell and Dolly Finlayson – Tea & Coffee Morning Sales at Mothers Restaurant – €200

Membership:  €120

Donations:  €305

Coin Boxes:  Beryl Dean €3.15

In Memory of:  Ian Corker;  Mike Emmett;  totalled €532.50

JANUARY 2017                                           DONATIONS and THANK YOUs

Albourne donated €55

Dionysos Lodge – Ladies Meal – €25

Costos & Family, Mothers Restaurant – raised €384

Star Short Mat Bowling donated €400

Ann Walker – Raffle of cake raised €45.90

Jan Handley – Birthday party (cheating forfeit) €80

UKCA Boxing Day Swim – €318 and €200 totalling €518

DTs Burns Night – Raffle raised €289.52

Paphos Zingers donated €1,326.13

Palepaphos Golf Club donated €3,376

John Stoter – Perasma Tavern – Bingo raised €100

Queen Vic Pub – Bingo raised €378 and €190 totalling €568

Sue Connelly, Mandria – Quiz Night at Kalimetria raised €108

Sarah Coyne – Space Art Exhibition donated €1,515

Christmas Cards (William Cairns) €88

Donations: Carolyn & Robert Hawkins; Alan – Roy West; Maureen Glyn totalled €140

Coin Boxes: Linda Atkinson; Jane Staley; Glenys Gray & Xenia Daniels; totalled €80.97

In Memory Of: Clive Thorne; Ed Blake (Mr & Mrs Blair); Brenda Buckley (Colin Buckley) €600; Ian Scott; Debbie Corugall; David Clark totalled €1,331.10