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December 2020 – Fundraising Activity News

As most people are aware, Fundraising for Charities Globally was very difficult owing to the onset of Covid 19 and its restrictions/protocols

However, we managed a small amount of fundraising in comparison to previous years and must thank ALL ARTISTES (in particular The REGGAE ROCKERS) of Paphos for allowing us to have a Fundraising Raffle to aid our coffers in helping Paphos Cancer Patients which is ongoing daily inspite of Covid



SPOTLIGHT (cover pic)  Derek and Margaret Whiteway our most hardened followers – our groupies, taking it easy in the sunshine.  A SG event you can be sure Derek and Margaret will be there!  At the Mesogi Arms they are known as ‘Hot Plates’ as they like their BIG BREAKFAST on warm plates.  A lovely couple, they sit close together like young lovers.  When any dancing starts they are usually first up on the floor – Derek is the talker of the 2 – can talk the ‘hind legs off a donkey; Margaret is gentle and loving – they make the perfect couple.  If you see them say Hello.

A Word from the Editor   Alan Clark (Chairman)

What can we say about this year, it has virtually been lost.  We hope you kept yourself safe during the lockdown period and afterwards. The virus hasn’t gone away, it is still around as we can see from reports from around the world. The Cyprus  Government did  the right thing at the right time, some countries hesitated before doing something. Because of the lockdown and afterwards, the free bus service to Limassol and Nicosia had  to be  suspended. This was to protect patients with cancer and the drivers of the buses, and of course because of social  distancing. It did start up again for a  very short period but has been suspended again, this time by the government. Keep an eye on our Facebook page and we will let you know as soon as it is up and running again. You can also ring our helpline 97760989 between The CPSG hasn’t been able to organise  any of  our  own  events but  have been allowed to hold a raffle at several organised events by some singers or groups and or venue. We thank them for that. In particular the Reggae  Rockers  who  have  allowed  us  to come along and hold a raffle, thank you Paul and Mike.  We thank Don Stevens also who did do an event for  us  at  the  new  Tricolore  Garden Venue,  it  was  a  great  success.  Thank you to Andi and Melissa Hobbs also. We also thank  The Railway Inn, DARCYS, Chalkies Bar, Peggy’s at Peyia, Kypriassos at Kathikas,  The Mulberry Terrace and Legends Lounge Bar.  We must also thank Karen Kendall who allows us to hold  a raffle at some of her big events. A thank you also to Dominic Holmes when during the lockdown he did some live Facebook broadcasts raising money for charities, the CPSG included. If we have missed anyone we apologise.


Darrell Fitzgerald of Fitzgerald Estates has kindly offered to pay for our  magazine to  be designed and printed, a great big saving to the CPSG. Thank you ever so much.


REGULAR EVENTS (when restrictions permit)

THE BIG BREAKFAST every last Wednesday of the month only €5 with tea or coffee from 9.30 to 12.30. at  The Mesogi Arms, Mesogi.

BINGO every week at Coco’s Bar and restaurant,  Tomb of the Kings Road. Register €1 to play or €15 a book. Starts at 7.45pm. A raffle once a month for the CPSG.

QUIZ NIGHT at the Railway Inn, Chloraka. From 8:00pm Food is available. A Raffle each week for the CPSG.

KARAOKE and more at Orfeos Bar (also known as Sam’s). Weekly supporter of the CPSG.

JUKEBOX BINGO at Carpe Diem Lounge, Mesogi X Rds, check our Facebook page for details


On your Retirement Treasurer- A HUGE THANK YOU! When Lynn Addy joined the Cancer Patients Support Group in 1997, nearly 24 years ago. It was a very lucky day for  The Support Group, it had acquired a  Yorkshire  Woman! One of Yorkshire’s finest! Her many accolades support this. On joining the group and wanting her  to  ‘fit  in’  and  ‘find  her  feet’ within the CPSG.  It was during her “apprenticeship”  alongside Jan Handley that she was given tasks to achieve that would benefit the group. We  said  that  Lynn  is  a  woman  from Yorkshire, this is evident when you hear her speak with that dialect that is unmistakable.  Without doubt the group had acquired it’s first ACTION WOMAN, as we’re sure many of you know and have seen her in action. Another  point  about  Lynn  is, once established within the group, she wanted certain standards upheld, if these  standards  did  not  come  up  to her expectations, it was a case of – Ey Up! Or in other words she said what had to be done. To Lynn, the phrase  ‘Alright’  was both a  greeting  and  a  question  –  so  it  took experience  to  understand  which meaning it carried and made it even trickier for any newcomers to get used to. Lynn was the keeper of the money and  oh  boy  did  she  look after it. Our  funds  were  certainly  safe  in  her hands.  She will be missed.  Thank you Lynn for the wonderful service you have given to CPSG



I am quite sure that everyone who reads this appeal, will at some time have been affected in one way or another by CANCER. I lost my mother when I was only 17,  Ena  died  of  cancer  at  the  age  of  48. More recently, nearly 12 years ago, I  lost  my  partner  of  30  years,  Carole died of  Cancer at the  age of 67. There have been many friends, colleagues, and acquaintances that I have known over the years who have succumbed to this terrible disease, but it was after losing my partner that I decided that, as a retired person living on this lovely island, and being in good health, with time on my hands, that I could maybe do something for others.  I became  involved  initially  with the hospice Hospice Charities, before joining the Cancer Patients Support Group as a Fundraiser 4 years ago. I am appealing to all who read this, to come forward and help our Charity by volunteering to join our committee  and  get  involved  in  some  way  or another in raising funds for the support of Cancer Patients. You need not have any experience of fundraising just  a  willingness  to  learn  and  especially  a  willingness  to get  involved, and I can assure you, fundraising can be a lot of fun and can work wonders for your social life. So what do you need in order to help us, your own transport is essential, in order to get to meetings, events etc; As most of  our  communications are by email, access to a computer is also important for you to be kept up to date with whatever is going on in the Charity, events etc; Other than those two essentials, as mentioned before a willingness to get involved is most important.  We are looking for active volunteers from whatever background or fields of experience. Right at this moment we are particularly looking for someone with accounting experience to take over the position of  Treasurer, our present Treasurer is retiring after more than 20 years of service at the CPSG, we also need a person with secretarial experience and skill to take  over from our retiring Secretary. To get involved with this wonderful Charity please  call  me  on  99-908777 at  any  time,  so  that  we  can  arrange  to meet up for an informal chat. Thank you for reading this appeal. Tony Ambrose Chairman of CPSG Quotes: “The  service  you  do  for  others  is  the  rent that you pay for your place here on earth. “ “I try not to speak about all the charities and people I help, because I believe we can only be truly generous when we expect nothing in return.”

Railway Inn Event   pic Tony Ambrose, seen here with Geoff Rey who was singing at the Railway Inn in Chloraka that afternoon who, along with Margaret Wilcockson held a raffle, raised €209.65 with a contribution from Chris and Amy owners of the Rail-way. Also added to the total was €130 from the Railway Quiz night which meant the CPSG raised €339.65. Thank you Chris and Amy and everyone at the Railway.


Top –  John Perks from the RAFA Apollo Branch in Paphos seen here presenting Chairman Alan Clark a donation of  €1,000 present is Nurse Andri  Centre  The Chairman receiving a cheque for over a thousand Euro whilst also presenting a Certificate of Appreciation  to Phillipos, Chairman of the Kamaras Bridge Club. A big thank you to all the bridge players (and for lunch) who kept  donating  money  during  after  the lockdown  so that two other  Charities,  PAWS and CARRITAS, also received over a thousand Euro each that day.  Bottom Vice Chairman  Tony Ambrose presenting a Certificate of Appreciation to Ann and Mick Mack for their continued support of the CPSG in helping to raise money by holding quizzes or bingo, particularly in the ORFOS BAR known locally as Sams.  We cannot thank you enough, well done.  A BIG THANK YOU  to Mathew Edmondson of Rock FM Radio for his entertainment at Mulberry Terrace Restaurant, the Raffle raised€200;  Darcy’s Aug 14 – Lockdown Birthdays/Cakes – a Brilliant afternoon with the entertainment the REGGAE ROCKERS, Raffle raised €465


WHAT A GOOD IDEA?   A Lady had a Mastectomy followed up with chemotherapy.  After the first treatment her hair started to fall out so she asked her husband to shave all her hair off. The trauma was immense. She had a couple of wigs in hand – Hair loss during lockdown wasn’t a problem- she wasn’t going out anywhere. After the first lockdown ended  she wanted to go out, the weather was warming up and wearing a wig was uncomfortable. As she has a small head, no hair,  wearing one  of  her  sun  hats  were  now  too  big  for  her,  she came up with a an idea – seeing a baseball cap with a fringe of hair, her sister sewed one  of  her  wigs  inside  the  hat.  After trimming the hair  and the crown of the wig  cut away