Raised Funds – MONIES SPENT

New Year January 2017

Nurses Rachel, Andri and Harris with the brand new Ford Fiesta that was donated by the CPSG from a supporter.

Donated Car

Thank you for donating!

WITH your donations we gave PASYKAF HOMECARE NURSES in 2015 –  €5,000 – to purchase equipment.   These items included –

  • Lightweight Wheelchairs
  • Commodes
  • Oxygenator
  • A Gel Mattress

Thank you for donating!

Nurse Rachel and Chairman Maxine O’Daly

Thank you for all your generous donations, fundraising and support


June 2016 – DONATION TO PASYKAF – €20,000

December 2016 – DONATION TO PASYKAF – €20,000 – and process of purchasing a new car for the Paphos PASYKAF Nurses

Thank you for donating!

CPSG Treasurer Lynn Addy handing the €20,000 cheque to Senior Paphos PASYKAF Nurse, S/N Rachel Christou, remaining people present are CPSG Committee members and Paphos PASYKAF Nurse Andri

Mar 2016  The Support Group is headed this year by Chairman Colin Lewington during a visit from Nicolas Phillipou, General Director of PASYKAF was presented with a cheque for €25,000 by CPSG Treasurer, Mrs Lynn Addy, to assist the Association.

Separate funds received during 2015 have been spent towards updating  – nursing support services; the bus service; much needed new equipment requested by the nurses and general repair and maintenance of this equipment.

PASYKAF and CPSG, P say a Big THANK YOU to the generous donations received from within the community.


In October 2015 – Donations In Memory of our late President – Tom Handley – purchased an Analgesic Machine/Pump plus cartridges, to enable a cancer patient at home to receive pain relief whenever necessary

The total cost of purchase of these pieces of technology is (€2,500) and a Badge/Plaque worded ‘In Loving Memory of Tom Handley, President of CPSG, donated by Family and Friends’ (mostly) has been attached to the machine.  This will be used for Paphos Cancer Patients only as directed by the Bank of Cyprus Oncology Centre in Nicosia.

Pictured Mrs Jan Handley (Tom’s widow) with Analgesic Pump, Paphos PASYKAF Nurse Rachel and Tom’s Son Richard Handley